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Video of the Week: My Hands are Bananas

Not new, but still worthy of VOTW status.

Hello from Vegas: StyleFeeder hits KDD 2008

I’m representing StyleFeeder at this year’s KDD conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It might seem odd mixing seductive showgirls and stodgy statisticians, but I think it’s an excellent location choice. Gambling concepts such as probability, expected value and exploration vs. exploitation are core to many concepts in Machine Learning, Data Mining and Statistics. KDD […]

Startup Signage

This isn’t technology related, but every startup on the planet should do what we did for our signage. It’s cost effective and looks great. Check out the photos.

Are there really 46 megabytes of underpants in the world?

Getting data feeds from hundreds of vendors, it’s always surprising how big or small some of them can be.  Sometimes there is a rational explanation, like when they include a separate product entry for every size or color.  Sometimes it’s just astounding how much variety there is in certain product categories that I wouldn’t give […]

Amazon’s new elastic block service

I have a little piece on the wonderful Xconomy site about Amazon’s new EBS service that you should check out.

Memcached vs MySQL

I recently had lunch with Dan Weinreb who I met at the Xconomy cloud computing event back in June.  We talked about many topics, mostly scalable database architectures, but also about caching.  He mentioned that he was doing some stuff with memcached lately, which I found very interesting.  Now, memcached certainly has some nice features, […]

StyleFeeder’s Funny Video of the Week

If there’s one thing that we have here at StyleFeeder, it’s… well, a lot of data. If there’s another thing, I’d have to say that we all have a healthy sense of humor. Because we basically sit in front of teh intrawebs all day long, we are exposed to many humorous diversions, which we intend […]

How Big is that Process?

As I have, you might be tempted to think that top “VIRT” and ps “VSZ” values represent the entire size of a process, including all shared libraries and swapped-out data. Today, we learned that this can’t possibly be the case: top – 14:41:53 up 86 days, 3:22, 3 users, load average: 13.57, 6.67, 4.00 Tasks: […]

Modified in the Past, Previously Known as the Future

Commons Configuration is a huge timesaver—flexible, simple configuration management with the highly useful feature of automatic file reloading. But, lately, that highly useful feature hadn’t been working for me. I’d make a change to the config file in a deployed application and see no change to the values in the application. WTF? What’s crazy is […]