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Moving to another cloud

We are in the process of migrating one of our backend dataprocessing servers from a legacy hosting company in NYC to Contegix.  What’s unusual about this transition is that we’re moving the machine onto Contegix’s new cloud platform rather to a traditional server.  We’ve noticed a few things already.  When we were copying over a […]

Memcached vs MySQL

I recently had lunch with Dan Weinreb who I met at the Xconomy cloud computing event back in June.  We talked about many topics, mostly scalable database architectures, but also about caching.  He mentioned that he was doing some stuff with memcached lately, which I found very interesting.  Now, memcached certainly has some nice features, […]

MySQL Analysis Tools

I’ve been having some odd performance issues with some of my MySQL queries since moving over to InnoDB.  I picked up the new O’Reilly title High Performance MySQL to try to track down the problem.  The book in turn recommends a couple of pretty cool monitoring/reporting tools that summarize a lot of the MySQL variable […]

Generating Primary Keys

A primary key for each row of a table in a database is virtually a requirement of database design. Occasionally, the data for a table provides a primary key (e.g. username or email for an account table). More common is that one needs to generate primary key values for a table. Yet, tools for this […]