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CDN Evaluation Criteria

A friend asked me about StyleFeeder‘s experience using CDNs, so I sent him the list of criteria that we use to evaluate the various content delivery networks that we have tried.  We’re currently using Akamai, Cloudfront and Panther for various types of content.  I’ve talked to pretty much everybody in the CDN space over the […]

Simple clustering with AWS and (free) RightScale

Here at StyleFeeder, we do a lot of things for the sake of performance. We recently decided to take a set of processes that we had running on a few large EC2 instances over at Amazon Web Services, and consolidate them into a couple of clusters. First, you may ask, why use AWS at all? […]

FoxyProxy Cloudera Config

When you have smashed your head into the table trying to get the included .pac file to work for Cloudera‘s EC2 Hadoop setup and want something that works properly in FoxyProxy, simply use the following URL patterns (available in text below the graphic for your cut/paste pleasure): As promised, *://10* *ec2** *ec2.internal*