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Moving to another cloud

We are in the process of migrating one of our backend dataprocessing servers from a legacy hosting company in NYC to Contegix.  What’s unusual about this transition is that we’re moving the machine onto Contegix’s new cloud platform rather to a traditional server.  We’ve noticed a few things already.  When we were copying over a […]

doing a tail on rotating log files

We learned something today, not something new, but new to us. If you do a tail -f to view the end of a log file, it all goes great until your logging system rotates out the file. Then you’re stuck wondering if the program has halted or if your ssh connection died or if you […]

Congrats to Contegix

I’ve been accused by a few people of being a Contegix fanboi, which is an label that I completely accept and agree with.  We’ve been hosting with them for around two and a half years after I decided that I didn’t want to handle a growing cluster of machines myself.  Since I ran a small […]

How Big is that Process?

As I have, you might be tempted to think that top “VIRT” and ps “VSZ” values represent the entire size of a process, including all shared libraries and swapped-out data. Today, we learned that this can’t possibly be the case: top – 14:41:53 up 86 days, 3:22, 3 users, load average: 13.57, 6.67, 4.00 Tasks: […]