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The Most Trusted Name in … Search?

Lots of people find StyleFeeder via search engines, and the usual suspects top the list: Google, Yahoo, Ask, Live, etc. Making an appearance in the top 10 this month: CNN. Appearing below CNN in number of search visits: Altavista, Lycos. My how times have changed.

That’s one big cloud

I just tried using a little utility called subcloud to mount an S3 bucket as a filesystem using fuse on a CentOS box. I did ‘df -h’ and I got this: Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1             9.9G  2.5G  7.0G  26% / /dev/sda2             147G  6.9G  133G   5% /mnt none                  851M     0  851M   0% […]

An easy VPN with DD-WRT

I’ve been using some ssh port forwards to get onto our office lan where we have our integration environment on days when I’m working remotely (i.e. we got 12 inches of snow yesterday). But those are more complicated these days since I need to connect to four or five services (databases, web services, etc.), so […]