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Cool File Viewer

As part of our effort around product data feeds, we get a lot of delimited text files of varying size and content delivered on a daily basis.  Previously, we primarily used Calc to view these files, since it has a fairly flexible text import facility and can deal with CSV files pretty well.  For […]

MySQL Analysis Tools

I’ve been having some odd performance issues with some of my MySQL queries since moving over to InnoDB.  I picked up the new O’Reilly title High Performance MySQL to try to track down the problem.  The book in turn recommends a couple of pretty cool monitoring/reporting tools that summarize a lot of the MySQL variable […]

Happy 4th from StyleFeeder engineering

Boston was a key city in the War for Independence, and to celebrate that there is a big fireworks display over the Charles River every year.  This year the Erics of StyleFeeder (Savage and Kilby) were looking for a place to watch the show.  Down by the river was a mass of humanity, even compared […]