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How not to name your brand

In honor of 80%20 Shoes, signs you’ve chosen a bad brand name for your shoes, in the age of Google: Your name contains a URL entity.  When you put %20 in the URL it represents a space character.  Oops.  If your name doesn’t URL encode to your name, you’re doing something wrong. When someone enters […]

FoxyProxy Cloudera Config

When you have smashed your head into the table trying to get the included .pac file to work for Cloudera‘s EC2 Hadoop setup and want something that works properly in FoxyProxy, simply use the following URL patterns (available in text below the graphic for your cut/paste pleasure): As promised, *://10* *ec2** *ec2.internal*

The wasteland between Harvard and MIT

While sitting at my desk, if I turn my head to the right, I can see the famous MIT dome and part of the roof of the Stata Center.  If I turn my head to the left, I can see parts of the Harvard empire.  StyleFeeder is located between two of the most famous universities […]