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Better Categories in Data Feeds

Category data is useful in creating navigation structures for affiliate sites that consume data feeds.  Sadly, there is a major lack of standards and practices in the filling in of category fields.  Here are a few pointers: 1. Don’t reinvent the wheel There are examples of rich category hierarchies out there, be it Amazon/Zappos/PopShops/GoldenCAN that […]

How not to name your brand

In honor of 80%20 Shoes, signs you’ve chosen a bad brand name for your shoes, in the age of Google: Your name contains a URL entity.  When you put %20 in the URL it represents a space character.  Oops.  If your name doesn’t URL encode to your name, you’re doing something wrong. When someone enters […]

10 Steps to a Better Data Feed

Here at StyleFeeder we work with a staggering number of merchant data feeds from affiliate networks and other partners.  The data quality of these feeds varies quite a bit, sometimes by sins of commission (data where it doesn’t belong), sometimes by sins of omission (leaving out important information).  In an effort to get the word […]

Updating Your Web Store? Don’t Do This!

The backstory We work with a lot of web stores here at StyleFeeder, both in terms of user-added links and also by importing affiliate data feeds.  There are literally thousands of these, of varying quality, and we import a good number of them and load them regularly to keep the product listings up to date. […]