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Happy 4th From StyleFeeder

Find more about jewelry store. Happy 4th of July again from StyleFeeder. Once again we were able to use our great view to observe the Boston 4th of July fireworks display. Hope your 4th was as good as ours.

StyleFeeder @ Sunrise

Sometimes an early morning is called for, and sometimes it pays off.  The remnants of the storm on 12/20 left a painted sky, and it made the early work that much more pleasant.

Google analyzes itself

I was looking at our Google Webmaster Tools (aka GWT) account yesterday and noticed that one of the new “Labs” features is “Site performance.”  Well, that’s the kind of thing that gets my attention.  I clicked on it and noticed that GWT (not to be confused with GWT, another unrelated Google product) was complaining that […]

Overheard at StyleFeeder: Hadoopable

Hadoopable (adj.): whether a job can be run on Hadoop or not; can be broken into map and reduce stages

We’re a finalist for the MITX Awards, 2009

I just got an email that informed me we’re a finalist for the MITX Awards this year in the “applied technology” category, which is great news.  You may recall that we won at last year’s award ceremony.  The award nomination this year is for our new product browser and some of the underlying geotargeting technology, […]

StyleFeeder on the 4th

Last year, Kilby took some great shots of the Boston fireworks and MIT selected one of them for use on their homepage this weekend.  The photo was taken from StyleFeeder’s office in Central Square in Cambridge and shows the famous MIT dome underneath some fancy pyrotechnics.  You can see more from this year on his […]

10 Steps to a Better Data Feed

Here at StyleFeeder we work with a staggering number of merchant data feeds from affiliate networks and other partners.  The data quality of these feeds varies quite a bit, sometimes by sins of commission (data where it doesn’t belong), sometimes by sins of omission (leaving out important information).  In an effort to get the word […]

The Irony of Facebook (aka Verified Apps Program FAIL)

As you may know, StyleFeeder has a rather large Facebook application that we launched in the summer of 2007, just after the Facebook platform was announced. We grew quickly, mainly because the application is actually useful (rather than the apps that let you throw electric sheep at people, which are fun but also tiresome) and […]

The Most Trusted Name in … Search?

Lots of people find StyleFeeder via search engines, and the usual suspects top the list: Google, Yahoo, Ask, Live, etc. Making an appearance in the top 10 this month: CNN. Appearing below CNN in number of search visits: Altavista, Lycos. My how times have changed.

That’s one big cloud

I just tried using a little utility called subcloud to mount an S3 bucket as a filesystem using fuse on a CentOS box. I did ‘df -h’ and I got this: Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1             9.9G  2.5G  7.0G  26% / /dev/sda2             147G  6.9G  133G   5% /mnt none                  851M     0  851M   0% […]