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I saw this blog post referenced on Hacker News today and thought I’d pounce on one of Stephan’s opinions, which is that the final keyword in Java shouldn’t be used except on fields. I can’t disagree strongly enough with this. I first came across this advice in the O’Reilly Hardcore Java book about five years […]

To OOME, or not to OOME

“Hello? Contegix?” “Good morning. We’ve observed an OutOfMemoryError on stylefeeder01. We’ve restarted the web application and it seems to be running fine.” “Thanks for taking care of this for us,” I’d say. At this point, I’d start digging through log files to find out what had happened. We’ve certainly had our share of Java Garbage […]

Modified in the Past, Previously Known as the Future

Commons Configuration is a huge timesaver—flexible, simple configuration management with the highly useful feature of automatic file reloading. But, lately, that highly useful feature hadn’t been working for me. I’d make a change to the config file in a deployed application and see no change to the values in the application. WTF? What’s crazy is […]