StyleFeeder is hiring: Senior Developer / Architect

We’re hiring hackers. If you’ve got what it takes, read through this and contact us.

Note: no recruiters or third parties, please.

Who We Are

We’re StyleFeeder, and we’re trying to improve how people shop. Online shopping is currently focused on impulse buying, price seeking, and moving inventory. We think it should be about connecting people to products that are the best choice for them, based entirely on individual preferences. This is a big, exciting challenge, and we want to meet it.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for a rockstar developer who wants to challenge themselves, us, and the status quo by pushing the boundaries of what users can do. We need someone full of ideas and talent that can create, refine, and execute concepts from beginning to end, prototype to production. Take a look at our site and ask two questions, “Could I have built this?” and “Can I make this better?”. If the answer to both questions is yes, we should talk.

What We Use

Java, Eclipse, Hibernate, MySQL, Linux, Apache for starters. We also use Subversion, Spring, Flex, Struts, Cocoon, JSP, JavaScript, CSS, XML, the list goes on. We look past the buzzwords like AJAX and Web 2.0 and find the good stuff hidden in the marketing wrapper. We move fast, so we need someone who has real experience and proficiency in most of those areas, and is capable of bringing themselves up to speed quickly on the rest.

Talk To Us

Send us your resume and a brief writeup about a project that excited you, and why it did so. If you have a blog or any whitepapers or articles you can share with us, we’d love to see those too. Email us at dev/at/stylefeeder/com

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  1. signal says:

    What’s been happening since December? Why’s it all quiet here all of a sudden?