Hiring a Product Designer

StyleFeeder is looking for a Product Designer to work on some upcoming features for our Personal Shopping Engine during a three month contract with us (possibly longer, but we’re focusing on 3 months for now).

We’re a small, fun-loving team that works hard and gets things done without any bureaucracy.   StyleFeeder is based in Central Square in Cambridge, MA, mere steps away from the Red Line T stop.

Who We Are

StyleFeeder is trying to improve how people shop.  Online shopping is currently focused on impulse buying, price seeking, and moving inventory. We think it should be about connecting people to products that are the best choice for them, based entirely on individual preferences. This is a big, exciting challenge, and we’re addressing it.

Take a look at our site and ask two questions, “Could I have built this?” and “Can I make this better?”. If the answer to both questions is yes, we should talk.

Here’s what we are looking for:

You are a designer

Photoshop and the other standard tools are second nature to you.  We’re very interested in “flow” as part of the design process.  You should have good sensibilities in this regard.  Your toolkit includes wireframes, personas, prototyping techniques.  You are creative and can re-think your approach based on user feedback.  Form following function is fine, but you still see a place for delighting users with human-centric design.  You consider yourself to be a practical person and view things holistically.  You have experience doing iterative user testing.

You can implement all (or most of!) your designs

Specifically, you can handle HTML, CSS, Javascript and the client side stuff.  We think libraries like YUI and jQuery are great for several reasons.  If you are philosophically against re-using other people’s code, it’s probably best if you move along to the next job posting.

Talk To Us

Send us your resume and a brief writeup about a project that excited you, and why it did so. If you have an online portfolio or blog you can share with us, we’d love to see those too. Email us at jobs/at/stylefeeder/com.