Congrats to Contegix

I’ve been accused by a few people of being a Contegix fanboi, which is an label that I completely accept and agree with.  We’ve been hosting with them for around two and a half years after I decided that I didn’t want to handle a growing cluster of machines myself.  Since I ran a small hosting operation on the side for many years, I have some opinions about how things should be done.  When I found out that Contegix had not only institutionalized many of my beliefs as part of their support process, but also shared my opinions about how customer service should be run, I was thrilled.

We’ve grown with them over the years and they’ve kept up and have gone overboard for us on more than a few occasions, including dedicating a pair of Foundry hardware load balancers to us after our required configuration wasn’t available in a shared configuration.  Their support team is legendary and these are not isolated incidents. Normal mode of interaction with them basically involves:

  1. Send email to Contegix support requesting some arcane version of a custom built source package running in some non-standard way.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Check email and read the “we are reviewing this and will reply shortly” message, which, as far as I can tell is actually written by a human each time.  It means that someone with a name is looking into things for you.
  4. Wait two to five minutes.
  5. Check email and read the “we have completed this request” message.

It’s like that every time.  And it’s been like that ever since we started working with Contegix.

When I came home yesterday to see that they had won the “Best Linux Friendly Hosting Provider” category in the readers’ choice wards in the latest issue of Linux Journal, it came as absolutely no surprise at all.  With service and support like this, it’s well deserved.

I’d like to the LJ page on their site… if it existed, which does not appear to be the case as of this writing.  It’s an odd twist that my paper magazine is more current than the LJ website.