Google analyzes itself

I was looking at our Google Webmaster Tools (aka GWT) account yesterday and noticed that one of the new “Labs” features is “Site performance.”  Well, that’s the kind of thing that gets my attention.  I clicked on it and noticed that GWT (not to be confused with GWT, another unrelated Google product) was complaining that was slow.  Huh?  One of the helpful suggestions that GWT gave me was that I should make sure to enable gzip compression on our pages.  Well… it is.  In fact, GWT was complaining that the Google Analytics javascript snippet that everybody puts on their pages isn’t compressed.

So, Google, perhaps you could follow your own advice and gzip that sucker?

google webmaster tools says analytics is a problem

One Comment

  1. nice catch! :)
    you know the reason for it. right ? Google Analytics(GA) service was rolled out before Webmaster tools. GA team needs to do that work. u can mail them as suggestion.

    p:s:I’am not a googler :P