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An easy VPN with DD-WRT

I’ve been using some ssh port forwards to get onto our office lan where we have our integration environment on days when I’m working remotely (i.e. we got 12 inches of snow yesterday). But those are more complicated these days since I need to connect to four or five services (databases, web services, etc.), so […]

Some thoughts about Balsamiq

Some of us spent the day doing some mockups of some new StyleFeeder features with Balsamiq. I’ve done enough work with Adobe Flex to be slightly skeptical that it might have the polish enough to survive as a full-on desktop application, but there simply doesn’t seem to be any other good mockup applications out there. […]

Parallel programming

Hear, hear! Sequential programming is one of those things that is nice for controlled examples, but is starting to look awfully impractical in the real world.  In fact, we’ve had some discussions at StyleFeeder lately where we were talking about the things that we as a company could not exist without.  Open source software is […]

Oil & Water

This graphic also available as SVG.

How NOT to Migrate your API

Let’s say you are a huge website with an application platform and API that other companies have invested many millions of dollars in.  You decide to improve that platform, great.  You decide to make it a major renovation rather than a series of improvements, not so great, but we’ll let that slide since the old […]

Our Forrester Groundswell Awards Submission

Here at StyleFeeder, we created a personal shopping engine built upon the idea of making online shopping easier and more personalized. Our personal shopping engine learns your style and delivers results that you’ll love in seconds. As you’ll see, this blog post serves as our official entry to the Forrester Groundswell Awards. Groundswell is a […]

Video of the Week: Rolling

Congrats to the respective party nominees:

How Efficient is Google for Product Search?

According to recent data we’ve been collecting on StyleFeeder, not very. It’s always been our contention that while major search engines may be effective if you know exactly what you’re looking for (like a Canon PowerShot 8D70I or a Free People Fleece Dolman Sweater), they don’t work for shoppers stuck at the category level. If […]

KDD 2008: Data Integration

One of the KDD conference sessions I was excited about attending was “Data Integration.” I know, I know, it doesn’t have that sexy ring of “Social Networks,” but it’s a very real problem that StyleFeeder, as well as just about any company that stores gigabytes or terabytes of data, faces. In our case, we collect […]

KDD 2008: Mining Social Networks

One of the most popular sessions at KDD was the Social Networks panel. Social network data has long existed and been found useful for discovery and prediction, but only recently has the scale, availability and value of social network data reached tremendous heights. One of the most well known sets of social network data is […]